Public Policy Dimension

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Public diplomacy has three different dimensions. Firs dimension includes daily communication which explains the framework and the background of decision making in at home and foreign policy. Democratic governments are usually aware of proposing articles in domestic press after decision making, while foreign press should be taken into account as the most important aim of the first dimension of public diplomacy. In other words, they should emphasis on their perception of the effect of their actions and explanation of the effect of these actions in the country's international image. The second dimension of public diplomacy is about the strategic communications in which a set of common threads are extended which resemble the political and advertising…show more content…
Some parts of this matter happen by using the capacity of YNGOs to not specified the main role of states and as well these organizations can move in the way of empowering themselves and helping the national interests. The importance of the US cultural and academic exchanges is due to the training of most of the main leaders of the world. In the public policy dimension it plays an important role in creating an attractive image from a country. In other words, creating a positive image from a country in public thoughts is one of the most important achievements of these programs in order to gain national interests. This can trace promising perspectives in the field of reaching to favorable outcomes. Success is depending on the policy adopted in this field. Politics and diplomacy should be in accommodation and compatibility with each other, otherwise public diplomacy marketing will be changed to barrage of mixed and disordered messages. Moreover, it should be noted that public diplomacy should be a two-way street which comprises listening as well as speaking. Soft power is based on some common values and it is said that, based on that reason, interchanges are often more effective than unilateral broadcasting. Therefore, the efficiency of soft power requires understanding that how others hear our messages and accordingly we set our messages. Understanding the target audience is the main issue in this field. Because all information passes cultural filters and hence the audience will rarely listen to the grandiose speech

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