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A number of studies have been done in the past decade regarding the importance of transparency and accountability and the major role they play in influencing a business. In a study, Fox (2007) argued how both transparency and accountability have a certain link or relation between them. Fox went on and simplified this relation by explaining how accountability is considered a dependent variable depending on transparency which is the independent variable. Hale (2008) acknowledged that since both transparency and accountability go hand in hand, once a business loses transparency; it will automatically lose its accountability. As a result, issues such as corruption will start to rise for the corporation. Transparency Transparency’s metaphorical…show more content…
However, the true meaning of accountability in governance expanded from the original sense. Erkilla (2007) described accountability as a relation between two individuals which one is called account for the other person’s actions. According to Fox (2007) the idea of accountability includes two separate stages: one which is answerability and the other is the application. Answerability refers to the commitment of the administration, its offices and open authorities to give party or cure the repudiating conduct. Thusly, diverse foundations of responsibility may be data about their choices and activities and to legitimize them to the general public. Application can allow the organization responsible for accountability to take actions against the ones who don’t obey and follow the rules. Moreover, Erkilla stated that there is eight types of accountabilities; moral, administrative, political, executive, market, legal, ethical, and professional. Political accountability is when the government is accountable to the general…show more content…
However, Yuan (2011) argued that this corruption can end if the organization followed a certain set of regulation. FIFA can start this process by strengthening the inner management system within the organization. Actions must be taken against any member of the organization who will breach any set of rules in order to achieve unfair or personal needs. Yuan added that a supervision institution should be created in order to keep a track with the interior financial records of FIFA and the stakeholders of the organization. In another study, Pielke (2013) suggested that FIFA must keep high levels of transparency and share financial records with the public every now and then in order to have a relation with the general public built on trust and a non-corrupted

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