MHW Ltd. Wine & Liquor Case Study

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MHW Ltd Wine & Liquor Importer and distributor Initial Summary It is our goal to pinpoint the smallest, and largest of issues concerning the management of the MHW Ltd website. Though the original diagnostics were focused on a single problem, further review revealed several online presence and business development goals have been remaining stagnant, far below minimum quality and result standards. Goals In order to enhance your online presence, we define specific goals that will enable the success of MHW Ltd. as well as creating and maintaining high-quality online branding. •Become #1 within the industry •Heightened organic revenue generation •Increase additional channels of revenue generation •Increase client conversion…show more content…
Having a ‘C’ grade is desperately below acceptable standards and needs to be rectified in order to maximize positioning potential. Furthermore, MHW is lacking a conversion plan. The importance cannot be stressed enough, and efforts need to be dedicated to building increased visitor engagement. A Marketing Automation solution, as well as a buyer’s journey must be implemented in order to monetize the crowd of visitors coming to the website. It is naive to hope for visitors to get engaged with MHW in their first visit to the website. So, in order to maximize conversion rates, (visitors converted to clients) we need to provide interactive platforms. This can be done in many ways, one of which could be to invite them to subscribe to MHW’s newsletter (We will design to keep MHW in top of our prospects mind), however, one single interaction in not enough any longer. On top of the above mentioned issues, the problem with falling behind (lack of technical quality, lack of conversions, lack of social engagement, etc) is that our competitors have a better chance at earning the business of prospective clients. (MultiView Advertising) Should a client be in the selection phase, they will choose one of the competitors because of the quality of their online look and…show more content…
There needs to be a heightened sense of awareness when it comes to publishing content that is both relevant and intriguing in order to encourage audience participation. This happens to be one of the most important Online Marketing metrics and aids you in the success of your social media

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