Gowrie Boys Poetic Techniques

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Good morning 8K and Mr Perry today I will be presenting my analysis of the song tomorrows heroes by Jamie Lee Wilson and the Gowrie boys. Through the use of language features such as rhyme, emotive language and assonance, as well as the inclusion of visual imagery, I have concluded that the film clip for this song is highly effective in communicating the values of aboriginal people. This song aims to highlight the significance of family, culture and equality to the indigenous community. Film clips are traditionally used as a means of support to a song, with the intension of emphasizing particular messages or values found within the lyrics. In this case the lyrics include language techniques, which successfully deliver the idea that indigenous people dream of a world where reconciliation is present. The first language feature that is noted is the use of rhyme. This can be seen on almost every line of the song, and creates a sense of rhythm that helps to reinforce their message. Additionally, emotive language is also used throughout the song. This is done to create understanding within the listeners and can be seen in the lyrics when the Gowrie Boys sing “show grace not disgrace for the human race”. This phrase relates to the value of equality and emphasizes the importance of valuing all people regardless of their race. A…show more content…
The words explain the challenges they may face, including leaving their family to study or to work to achieve goals for the family. The lyrics then go on to explain their need to become one with all races, highlighting the importance of reconciliation or forgiveness. The structure revolves around a format of verses and a chorus, which are ordered to tell the story. The chorus is repeated after each verse and at the end of the song multiple times for the purpose of restating the importance of family, equality and

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