Personal Narrative: My Hispanic Family

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Journal 7 In hispanic culture family is the most important thing in someones life. When I was listening to the video, they talked about how this dynamic is different in the hispanic culture. Specifically they pointed out the importance of the grandparents and I can attest to this notion as my grandmother is the most important person in my life. I love my parents and have a great relationship with them, but my grandmother stole my heart and I would do anything for her. I found this as an interesting cultured notion in a family dynamic. The picture I chose a picture for this assignment that includes my father, mother , brother and me. This picture was taken at my quinceñera in Colombia about 4 years ago. My parents are both in their mid 40’s…show more content…
165). My family is very traditional . My father has the highest source of income. MY mother contributes with small amounts of monetary needs, but she always exclaims she has two jobs. The first as a teacher at a day care and second as a full-time time mother as well. Before she goes into work she prepares breakfast lunch and dinner for my family to have even if she is gone. She pretty much takes care of the house and cleans whenever she is home. My father usually has dinner heated up when my mother gets home from work. His other duties include washing the dishes and taking out the trash (a responsibility he shares with my brother). My brother and I are very independent so we prepare most of our meals and do our own laundry. I usually help my mom with the cleaning of my house when I am around. The daily dynamic since this picture has changed since I move into Stockton. I agree with the student in the video when she talked about her family dynamic and how it changed when she started college. It is difficult to manage time and continue unity in families because of the lack of time spent together. Since my family’s schedule has always been so different, we recognized the importance of having quality family time. Usually traditional families have

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