The Outcasted Pop Culture Analysis

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Tafi, you did an awesome job here; in fact, other than proofreading for grammar errors once more, I don’t think you need to change anything. I love the enthusiasm in your writing. The outcasted pop culture Culture, a significant aspect of an individual identity, tending to be defined from your birth, woven by the gods: however, I defy the hand of fate by picking my cultural identity. For why should I be forced into the culture that had been imposed upon me, just because of my heritage, religion, beliefs, and customs; instead of discovering my own and being myself. I am about to tell you the culture I subjugate myself into; a sub-genre of gaming and anime culture, collectively known as otaku. This way, I shall help broaden your mind to…show more content…
The 3DS launched in March of 2011 by Nintendo, but I didn't acquire it until the winter of 2013. The significant impact of the artifact and its culture has prevented me from falling into depravity when my mind filled with utter madness, doubt, and overbearing pain. It saved my very soul from being corrupted by the chaos that plagued my household. It helped me escape my personal hell of being alone as my family forced on me as they were devouring one another with hate, anger, and agony. The artifact is a testimony of my individuality and freedom because I didn't rely on other people to obtain what I truly wanted. As bickering arguments consumed my life after I received my artifact, I would just devote my time to it because it took me from the dark abyss I called life. My life was amended by the artifact because unlike life when I invented my time in the console; I felt like I was in control of my…show more content…
Even though I experience the propaganda of the masses, the positive outlook I have towards it didn’t get dwindled by the dirt thrown at it. But, it actually had an inverse effect on it. The change is happening because as time flows I am obtaining more wisdom and knowledge about my culture. Among some of its figureheads, such as Goku, which taught me the value of giving it your all, protecting your friends, and cherishing life is a

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