The Importance Of My Culture

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Do you know your culture if you do what is it? I don't know my exact culture or know were my parents came from. I just know I grew up in California my whole life and it's the same for most of my family or the ones I know. Im kamya Murphy I see my culture as christian because that what i grew up learning and knowing about but i see my identity as african american. My mom never really told me anything about my culture or were my family come from. My mom grew up going to a christian church every sunday. My mom moms always made sure they made it to church, bible study ,and choir practice every week even saturday church. My mom doesn't really enforce it how her mother did but every once in a she would bring it up.They celebrated all the regular holidays but my grandma didn't really allow or like the holiday halloween she said it's not a holiday and should not be consider as a holiday and that that is the devil's day. On halloween my grandma…show more content…
If i did it would probably impact me because i will actually know where my family came from. My mom would probably talk and teach me more about my culture and enforce me or push me to know about it and celebrate all holidays that our culture is into or to do. My dad would probably some what teach me about my culture but he has different beliefs from his side of the family and my mom side he says he doesn't believe in having a culture or being from one specific culture but he does believe in God. But since the only thing i know is christianity that's what i say or claim as my culture. We moved to Arizona for a year and tried one different church and they were Normans my mom didn't like the way they taught about God it was something new to us and something we wasn't use to we didn't have nothing against them it was just different and new after that experience my mom said she will never be anything besides a Christian

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