Personal Statement: Reflection Of My Interest In Science

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The first spark of my interest in science flared when I was at the junior school. I was a curious boy which was full of excitement about the facts that were been told around animals and plants and cells, which consequently made me to study natural science in high school. Combination of my intrinsic tendency to endless journeys and discovery of the pioneer role of cellular and molecular researches and genetic studies in the future of medicine and their potential power of making science fictions become true – as it is not far beyond the reality by CRISPR gene editing technology and human genome project WRITE – , made me to choose cellular and molecular biology not only as university major, but also as my academic journey. The enthusiasm of my acceptance in national university in my dreamed major didn’t last long, when a turning point happened in my life. My brother passed away because of cancer when I was a freshman. That event changed me inside and made me determined to do whatever I can in order others don’t lose their brothers in their youth because of cancer.…show more content…
During my studies in the field, step by step I became more familiar with the personalized cancer therapy and its capability of curing which has made it to be the cutting edge of treatments of cancer. Although the knowledge about the high throughput data analysis in this field made me to attended the NGS RNA-seq workshop, my thirst didn’t quenched by that, so the “analysis of cancer genomic data with the aspect of precision cancer therapy” workshop became the result of my long effort of studying in the field which I am honored to be one member of the instructors

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