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Puritan’s Education Long ago, American’s educational system was developed by the Puritans. Education was very important to Puritans. The early development of education was slowly making its way to the education America has today. The colonies in New England demanded education to the citizens. In 1642, Massachusetts passed a law which parents were ordered to teach their children how to read and how to ply a trade (Chitwood 455). Parents who couldn’t teach their children would have to send their children to a master who could teach them (Chitwood 455). During the same year, primary education was compulsory to parents (Chitwood 455). The children were able to be taught the basics, includes reading, writing, math and prayers (Chitwood 455). By…show more content…
Mather showed that the children should be educated in his book The Education of Children (History 2). Benezet taught slave children and made a Negro school in Philadelphia (History 2). Finally, Franklin was one of the founding fathers to receive an education and helped everyone to get an education (History 2). Although the citizens wanted an education, the government didn’t see the importance of education (Kraushaar 1). Until the Civil War, the government did not provide children free education (Kraushaar 1). The government slowly developed the concept of free education to the children (Kraushaar…show more content…
Today’s educational system has not changed at all. America still has elementary schools and colleges from a long time ago. The subjects that were taught in Early Education are the same as today’s subjects. In today’s education, America added subjects but hasn’t changed the basic subjects. We still use libraries and textbooks in school for educational sources. Americans get its educational system from Puritans. America has learned so much from the Puritans. Education was very important to the Puritans and is still important in today’s

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