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This study sets out to zero in on and delve into the works of Sadeq Chuback, Iranian naturalist writer, the late past master in the field of literature and translation studies. Chuback’s works, from rise to his demise, is introduced and the aesthetic and stylistic nature of his writing is scoured in detail. Literarily, discursive practices in his writing will especially be dealt with and ideological and kaleidoscopic panoramas of his writing brought into focus. Keywords: Discursive practices, language, content and style, naturalism, aestheticism Introduction Sadeq Chubak, (August 5, 1916- July 3, 1998), the author of short fiction, drama, novels and one of the leading 20th-century writers of Iran was born in Busher, where he first studied…show more content…
It abhors beautification. Set to patiently study the story of destitute. It uncovers the Humiliated Reality. It is the historian of the present time. It is real, alive and bloodthirsty. It deals with the lower classes. It is documented. It is close to spoken language. It deals with presenting accurate and detailed account of the story. It prioritizes the analysis of personal spirit to society. It puts forward the anti-morals. Writers such as Freud see the love, regret and fear emerging from human’s unsatisfied physical and sexual…show more content…
A prose approximates to spoken language. Chubak, with his own special vision, often considers downstream segments of society and emerges the most dirty and offensive swearing from the language of his characters recklessly and without formalities. He has provided a collection of the manner of folklore talks and the type of the prose of full of hardship– either from the view of dialect or the view of writing- with recording and registering of conversational and broken prose with which common people talk - most people of south of the city which in its kind not only seems unique but to some extent matchless. Chubak’s prose is a descriptive prose. He with an envyingly skill in the function of language and the mission of words and verbs creates beautiful and memorable interpretation and description. Reza Baraheni writes on the story writing: ‘‘The most beautiful example of Chubak’s descriptive prose should be searched in Tangsyr. Even the prose of Stone patient isn’t sometimes homogeneous, beautiful and luminous to this extent. The prose of Tangsyr like river flows from start to end and goes on. It seems as if a story like this to that length has been written in one day. ‘‘Jamal Mirsadeghi reviewing Chubak’s language writes in the book of fictional literature: ‘‘one of the services which the school of naturalism did to the literature was the breaking of the

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