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Is Internet Really Beneficial? Till now, embarrassment of taking China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters has haunted me. Much as I was reminded, I didn't get accustomed to having no convenient, time-consuming electronic dictionaries in hand but two bulky, brick-like paper ones. Frustrated as I was at that time, I can't focus on my test in time. It was not long before I was a passionate defender of the Internet, though. It is no denying the fact that the emergence of network changes our world by leaps and bounds. Anyone that attempts to hide himself away the expansion of the Internet is doomed to be forsaken by the times. People are now living in the age of information, or exactly the Internet Age. Thanks to this…show more content…
It embodies in three aspects: First, the Internet seems to be available to everything. Any complicated problem can be simplified instantaneously as we touch the screen. Once the devices are inaccessible to Internet, however, people are prone to anxiety, even panic. Many of them find it is arduous to live through a day without smart phones or Pads. Some of them are even suffering from syndromes, like illusory auditory and highly sceptical of leaving out important calls or messages, which not only are bad to people's health, but also have negative effects on normal life; second, because of the huge capacity of information storage of electronic devices, the masses are less likely to take advantage of another huger storage-their brains. Consequently, intelligence and memory are more likely to deteriorate miserably; third, more researchers are apt to agree that the Internet are exploiting man's time and happiness. Nowadays, a great quantity of people are so conditioned to indulging in various recreations in electronic devices before sleeping that their sleeping time and quality will be greatly discounted. Furthermore, the Internet is to blame for overtime work because employers are easier to contact employees without considering appropriate time. The latter's private time is shortened and frequently disturbed by work issues because of convenient network

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