Medical Simulation Analysis

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I received a Master in Medical Healthcare Simulation from NYIT-NYCOM. The school gave the important information regarding Medical Simulation. The school emphasizes on the goal, purpose, benefit, and how to run a simulation center. The importance to use of standardized patient to improve communication skills. Here is it the website for the school. .There are two other schools which offer a similar program, however they are not located in NY. We only have two weeks to practice the skills, however I think the time frame we had for practice is too short. My first interaction with a mannequin was observing a shoulder dystocia class. I almost fainted, since it was my first time participating in a simulation encounter. I have no clue how real the simulation encounter could be. I am glad, I had this experience. At that time, I was unaware how to use a mannequin, how to moulage, or how to play the role of a confederate, since I did not attend the class at that point.…show more content…
I used to come one day per week. I have learned from this time to the present moment. During the time at IMSAL, Juan went over the technical aspect. I learn how to to operate and troubleshoot the mannequins, which are Sim Man and Noelle. One of the days, when I was at the center, they were testing ATLS learners. This was my first time operating the mannequin alone. It was scary, however I managed. During the encounter, IMSAL lost internet connection for 1 minute, I was able to troubleshoot the issue. I am just letting you know when we lose internet connection we also lose signal with the mannequin, monitor and laptop. Juan also taught me how to set up, to create, and clean a moulage. In March he showed me how to set up the central line class, by the June I was able to guide the novice interns how to place a central
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