Honor Code In High School

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Students copying answers of the assignments from their peers or internet is abundantly common in high schools. Even the students with high morals sometimes do copy from their peers when they need to for the sake of their grades. Colleges look at the students’ grades to determine if they are good enough to enroll in their schools. Parents look at the grades to decide whether their children are doing well in the school or not. It becomes the grade, not the education that matters. Even though the teachers warn the students about how plagiarizing and cheating come with punishments, the students do not listen as they care more about their grades which play an important role in their future. Still those children who cheated their way through high…show more content…
In this today society, students feel pressured to gain good grades because the grades determine the colleges they go to. Even the students do not understand the materials, the most important thing is to get good grades in assignments. So they turn to their peers who are doing well in the classes, and they simply copy the answers and turn them in. They adjust some words to make it look like they have turned in their own paper. Others use the internet which provides a vast amount of information within a second. In my Chemistry Class, for instance, I had a devastating blow to my grade due to the lab I made mistakes on. The mistakes I made significantly affected my overall grade which brought the grade down from an A to a C. Due to that event, I did not trust my own answers and found myself searching for answers on the internet as “the internet provides an inexhaustible source of information” (Source D). Also the answers from the internet was more accurate than mine. Internet makes it easier for me to maintain the good grades, but later on, I learned that I was not able to understand more materials and found myself fell further behind the lessons. The internet is a good resource for the students to learn, but simply copying the answers significantly affects the students’ ability to think and apply the concepts they have learned. They slowly become dependent on the sources they easily get…show more content…
An honor code reminds students “a responsibility to perform honestly in the school environment” (Source B). Students can peacefully learn without worrying about someone looking at their paper or constantly copying them. Not only does an honor code provides a better environment for students to learn, it also encourages good character development. By signing the pledge of honor, students are mostly likely to perceive that once they violate an honor code, it will negatively affect their ethics. Their peers and teachers will lose faith in them. No matter how they try to prove that they become a better person, those students who cheated will never fully gain of their trust again. Sometimes a success of having an honor code “depends on the expectations that students have of their peers’ behaviors” (Source C). When students gain a personal responsibility, it helps them maintain an integrity and encourages to be better people in the

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