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In order for a great business to exist, it needs two things: a unique idea, and an effective management. Having an eccentric idea and knowing how to effectively manage it to fulfil the company’s vision, can take a business so far in the market.IKEA sets a great example for a company that grew drastically because of its powerful management. It started from a small village and expanded to reach 46 different countries, with 351 operating stores. (wikipedia) In this case study, we aim to research the background of ikea, its values, and culture; and to relate it to the what we learned in our management course. Background IKEA was first founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad. He as a young entrepreneur from south Sweden, turned ikea from a small business into a mail order operation selling a variety of household products, specifically…show more content…
How is it being maintained? IKEA’s corporate culture began when IKEA was founded in 1943. The company’s culture has Swedish origins, which come from the founder Ingvar . The IKEA concept was born in Smalland like its founder, where its people where known for working hard, living on slender and using their heads to make the best of everything using the resources they have. (economist) IKEA’s mission was always to create a better everyday life for many people. IKEA has many cultures one of which is a strong culture. The strong culture of IKEA is being maintained by the solid relationship between the staff, their managers, and with one another. That bond they share gives everyone the feeling of being in one big family. This makes the strong culture more noticeable. IKEA also has its side of creative culture as it keeps developing with the outside world and the technology around it. One of IKEA’s creative ideas was the IKEA’s Instagram page, in which they used the Instagram tagging system to create an e-catalog so that their customers can view it within the touch of their palms. (The

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