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Landing gears are among the small yet critical components in a Recreational Vehicle (RV). It is designed to support the RV when a tire has burst, or when the vehicle needs to be balanced on uneven ground. The correct usage of this component will ensure that it can properly support an RV in rough terrain. Why it is Important to Properly Install the Landing Gear Many times, users do not understand how to properly use this component. Misuse of the product, or not following the instructions results in unwanted wear and tear, quick gear degradation, and failure functioning. For this reason, manufacturers always provide an instruction manual, which needs to be followed by the RV owner. Points to Remember There are some basic points that all manufacturers…show more content…
• Inspect and clean the landing gear at least once year. • Prior to, and after using the landing gear on a trip, check the gear for dirt. Remove dirt and dust, and lubricate the gears regularly. • Leaves, twigs, loose plastic bags can easily get caught in the gear. Check whether such debris has gotten stuck in the landing gear or legs, and remove them immediately. • The front and rear axles of the coach should be supported with jack stands before any work underneath the RV is performed. If the coach is not properly supported, it can result in injury or even death. • If the landing gear is extended for long periods of time, it will need to be protected against environmental contaminants. Spray the body of the landing gear with a protective lubricant. This can be continued by spraying the landing gear once every seven days. • Spray the landing gear with the lubricant once every two to three days, if it is exposed to corroding agents like salt, rain, etc. The landing gear can also be washed with mild soap

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