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BACKGROUND INFORMATION A solar powered motorized wheelchair, power chair, electric wheelchair or electric-powered wheelchair (EPW) is a wheelchair that is propelled by means of an electric motor rather than manual power. Motorized wheelchairs are useful for those unable to propel a manual wheelchair or who may need to use a wheelchair for distances or over terrain which would be fatiguing in a manual wheelchair. They may also be used not just by people with 'traditional' mobility impairments, but also by people with cardiovascular and fatigue based conditions. HISTORY & DEVELOPMENT The electric-powered wheelchair was invented by George Klein who worked with the National Research Council of Canada, to assist injured soldiers after World War II. Electric wheelchairs are generally four-wheelers or six-wheelers and…show more content…
They had been interviewed on some specific questions and their problems/needs had been investigated and identified. They came out with their problems, requirements, opinions as well. Basically these are the requirements from the physically disabled persons using manual wheel chair/three-wheelers. The opinions and advices of the experts working with the disabled people are also taken in to consideration. Their overall needs and requirements can be described as: the three-wheeler should be power driven to avoid physical force, it can be used at any time either in day or night, having lighter weight with better safety and stability, easy to control and better maneuverability in case of narrow space/roads, comfortable, all terrain traffic ability/mobility and suitable for indoor as well as out-door use, having available solar power to drive the three-wheeler in average15~20 km distance per day, able to protect the user from the adverse environment like sunshine, rain etc., having availability of spares, ease of maintenance and finally cheaper

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