The Importance Of Racism In America

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Many Americans assume that racism has been eradicated and simply has stayed in the past, in the eras of Jim Crow and the pre-civil rights movement. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another; this often results in discrimination and prejudice. The marginalization of blacks has not gotten better or worse but has merely changed in how it manifests itself. While the institution of slavery has ended, the racism that it was based on is still ever present and has become an innate American value. So, when anything like racism is protested it appears to people that these protesters are standing in opposition to America, rather than these protesters are opposing a certain aspect of society. Racism in the past was very blunt in the way it was used to marginalize/demean blacks. However, society is no longer be segregated by a wall of Black and White bodies like it once was in James Baldwin’s era. In his time, whenever someone would attempt to break this “wall” they would find themselves fearing for their lives and being attacked. Many times the black community facing these racist acts would be…show more content…
Constitution). This clause, in section one of the amendment, allows people, specifically black Americans, to be enslaved and used for labor; just as the black people once were used for during the reconstruction era after the Civil War. This clause is the reason for statistics like African American men constituting over 34% of the 6.8 million Americans who are incarcerated. These men, who are placed in prison are now inmates and are thusly tasked with the menial labor that society passes off as part of rehabilitation. In fact, this labor is just another form of slavery for prison owners to benefit

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