Ackoff Change Agents

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As per Ackoff, there are two types of change agents, the first type of change agents are the ones who emphasis on providiving pre-determined set of solutions for an organizational development. Whereas, second type of change agents ephasis on learning and mutual understanding with the stakeholders in development decisions. Ackoff strongly suggested the importance of creating a vision in order to perform successful change. He said, “The thing that leaders do that managers don’t, is articulating an inspiring vision and lead the strategy formation for its pursuit”(Allio and Ackoff, 2003). “Good or bad, you look at a Lenin or a Churchill, and what they did is produce a vision shared by others”(Allio and Ackoff, 2003). “In Churchill’s case, he produced a vision of victory for the allies and helped formulating a strategy for getting there”(Allio and Ackoff, 2003). In other words, after creating a vision that can be shared with others (or relates to their interests), the work effort should than be put on preparing a strategy in order to acheieve that vision.…show more content…
Hedberg further stated, that “change process must be implemented in a participative manner where both management and other stakeholders work together”(Hedberg, 1980, p.19-23). Checkland also in his book “Soft Systems Methodology and its Relevance to the Development of Information” further added support to Hedberg’s arguments and strongly emphasized on the “importance of identifying the goals, worldviews and norms of all stakeholders in an organization”(Checkland, 1995). He also stated that, “learning is an important part of organizational development and each iteration should be followed by an evaluation” (Checkland,

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