Essay On The Sahara Desert

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How to adapt living in the Sahara region you must do many things such as adapt to the type of weather that they have their which is hot and dry and not raining at most times. The Sahara environment of the desert is it has one or the most harshest environments of all because the temperatures or day and night.According to the text it says “During the day the desert can reach a high of 100 degrees but at night it can go to below freezing.This piece of evidence from the text is showing how most think that it is hot all the time but it is the exact opposite and it is hot through most or the time but at night it can turn so cold most things that…show more content…
Here there is enough water to support a village and small farms.”This piece of evidence is saying how the oasis is one or the most important parts or the sahara desert due to the powers it holds or feeding and keeping the wellbeing or locals of tourists in the sahara desert.How they could adapt to living with the oasis is it has less than 2,000 that live their but with living int the oasis a single family or seven may only share one date…show more content…
One severe drought began

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