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Healthcare system of United States of America is unsustainable due to various flaws imbedded in its foundation. “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare” is a documentary film that serves as an exposé addressing the concerning issue of what can be done in order to protect citizens from this broken medical system. It revolves around the idea of ‘Good People / Bad System’ (Heineman, 2012). The film sheds light on elements responsible for making this system bloated and blighted, supported by real-life incidents of health providers and healthcare leaders. An escape fire is setting fire around a certain area to clear vegetation in order to protect the area from the rapidly approaching wildfire. This approach, however, does not control or prevent the problem from occurring, that is the fire from spreading; it simply helps protect a particular area. The documentary Escape Fire similarly points out the most serious problems of United States Medical care along with providing viable solutions, however, fails at addressing the root causes and providing a systematic analysis of the situation (Gee, 2012). Escape Fire targets major healthcare issues faced by various medical organizations, in…show more content…
What is astonishing, however, is despite tremendous spending; outcomes of the US Health system are disappointing – it is not even ranked amongst the top 20 medical systems globally (Andersen et al., 2005). Another issue the film targets is the high use of pharmaceutical drugs and the disease management approach rather than the health care approach of the system – 75 percent of our healthcare cost is utilized in treatment of chronic diseases, which are easily preventable. Such demonstrated lack of disease prevention leads to over-use, almost to the verge of abuse, of pharmaceutical drugs (McGlynn et al.,
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