How To Help Others Essay

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Helping others A fundamental principle of humanity, tying together people is helping others. In times of tragedy, stories about helping the nation to recover after natural disasters or terrorist attacks are very inspiring and stimulate to give aid to other people. A lot of people even devote their lives to helping others, for instance, customer services and volunteering workers who risk their lives for the common good, police force that protects cities and fire brigades that save burning buildings. One of the ways of expressing an act of good will and helping others is giving aid to the older people, especially those who have no relatives and live in the infirmaries. We should respect all people in the society, from the very young to the very…show more content…
Some people may think that nowadays the main thing is personal selfish desires and ambitions, but in fact, such things cannot bring a real happiness to lives. Each person’s contribution to this world has to be measured by something more significant than the size of the house, an expensive car and clothes, or resting in fashionable resorts. Everyone makes his or her own choice how to live his or her life and how to enable others to live theirs. Some people help others to build self-esteem, to make themselves feel better, needed, and that they have a place in this world and can make a contribution to the society. People help others by various reasons, some individuals faced life difficulties or cruelty that affected them greatly, other ones, for example, might volunteer for the Cancer Society because a family member died of cancer. One can use a “pay it forward” model, that means when somebody helped you, you should help someone else, and thus the cycle will start again. It is important to underline that the greatest success in life is often found in helping others to
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