Foreign Policy In Kenya

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INTRODUCTION Foreign Policy is a country’s strategy in dealing with other nations. It is an action plan that establishes a systematic way of addressing issues that come up in a nation’s dealings with other states. (Gyngell, Wesley, 2007) prefers to describe foreign policy using metaphors. He argues that foreign policy is a self-contained system that reacts to stimuli in the external environment, consumes resources and produces actions and decisions as outputs back into an external chamber. According to (Abegunrin, 2003) foreign policy represents an attempt by human beings to protect against, relate to, and adapt to that, which is external while benefiting from it using it to their constituents’ advantage. From (Petric,) perspective,…show more content…
Kenya is relatively smaller in size than other African nations; my argument is that it important for the country to foster closer relationships with its neighbours in order to protect its economic interests. That is why regional integration and multilateral cooperation is a recurring theme in Kenya’s foreign policy. That is why it has been keen to push for the establishment of the East African Community in order to reap more economical benefits from a 120 million people East African population. In the modern globalized world, interconnectedness and dependency are a reality. Kenya therefore recognizes the importance of strengthened interdependency, bilateral relations, regional cooperation and enhanced multilateral engagement as fundamental components of its foreign policy and entry points for achieving its national…show more content…
This is after it rebased her Gross Domestic Product, which currently stands at US$ 70.5 billion. This makes Kenya a dominant player in the region and its importance I n the international arena and Kenya’s economic dominance in the East Africa region is a key determinant of its foreign policies. Kenya did not achieve this dominance by chance. Its foreign policies, which lean towards adoption of capitalism, have seen its economy grow compared to her neighbours Tanzania who leaned more towards socialism. Kenya’s foreign policy on economy encouraged more foreign Direct Investments into the country, which encouraged capital formation and spurred her economic growth. According to the (FDI intelligence report) last year Kenya recorded the fastest rise in foreign direct investments in Africa and the Middle East at 47 per cent. Over 84 projects were initiated in 2015. Cultural and historical

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