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Objective The main objective of this project are ; • Collect information related to organisational structure of Mahindra and Mahindra(truck and bus division) • Analyse with statistical and case based method • Interpretation and recommendation Research Methodology The related information of the organisation will be collected through • Primary research (telephonic conversation with company HR personnel & Employees) • Secondary research (Online database) Porter’s competitive forces 1) The threat of new entrants: It increases pressure for established organization. Barriers to entry are weak distribution channel. To build a strong distribution channel lot of time and resources are required.Foton motors ,Bharat Benz are coming up with new technologies…show more content…
Not many suppliers are present which can make suppliers more powerful.MTBD purchases raw materials from the similar suppliers for other companies like TATA Motors ,AMW.As the sales is low compared to other giants ,suppliers have the higher bargaining power. 3) The power of buyers:Buyers require special customization and they will not switch to some other competing brand and if there is limited buyers’ choice then it will make customers to stay with Mahindra. MTBD sells products in competition with giant companies like TATA Motors ,AMW,Ashok Leyland.Entering to the old well established market gives MTBD a huge competition. 4) The threat of substitutes: Substitute should be of high quality and give high performance only then customers will replace the Mahindra brand.As Mahindra is trying to ace the productivity and efficiency it will be hard task to play down Mahindra’s products. 5) Rivalry among existing competitors:Slow industry growth in last few years made all the competitors find new options to sell.Companies are giving huge discounts to sell their product.They are running the training programs for the customers.For MTBD rivalry is very high. 7S…show more content…
f) Technology sector:The engine and cab design have been adopted from Navistar International .The major components in the vehicle are developed at the vendors’ place.A separate department ,Vendor Development works on technology in parallel with Product Development department. g) Economic conditions sector:Due to the slow market growth in CV industry in last 2-3 years,company is struggling to generate good revenue with high market share. h) Government sector:The organization follows the motor vehicle rules ,emission rules, tonnage capacity etc. i) Sociocultural sector:Company has its own ESOP ,CSR activities like contributing to Nanhi Kali,tree plantation etc. j) International sector:Majorly company works in domestic sector.The company is trying to focus in the South Africa and Indonesia market for sales purpose. The changing Environment: Simple-Complex Dimension: It refers to environmental complexity under which heterogeneity and the number and dissimilarity of external elements relevant to the organizations’ operations is considered. In case if organization is affected by many diverse external elements.Automotive firms operate in a bit complex environment such as advent of new technologies and higher standards demanded by the customers.Government and international regulations on pollution and environment criteria also affect the Mahindra Trucks and Buses

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