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Analyzing Holism, there are many critical strengths and weaknesses as well. First of all, as stated before, where reductionism was the study of the properties of the parts, holism focuses the idea that the whole system and its properties is not a collection of parts, but rather a whole systems itself. Because of the definition of holism, it denies the need for a division between the function of separate parts and the way everything works together in a whole system. The claim that the meaning of an individual word can only be understood in terms of a language as a whole is an example of a holistic ideal. The idea of holism is useful in explaining, or trying to find the purpose of the whole system itself, but it still cannot explain the individual…show more content…
One of particular importance, is when holism is used in context of language and faiths. Because holism recognizes the importance of the interaction between the parts, holism would say that every language and faith is important and virtually the same. Since all the words of each language work together to form a complete language, there is nothing that separates them. Similarly, the same concept can be applied to faiths and religions. Every major religion in the world has some sort of holy doctrine and applies rules to its people and expects certain values to be up kept, therefore every religion, in the view of holism, is the same. One issue I see with this is, by everything sub group we recognize in society today, there would be nothing that separates anything, taking away the diversity of the planet that we all have come, or care coming, to embrace. This would also mean that since every human strives for the same life and does generally the same things throughout one’s life, there is nothing that makes you different from I. That diversity between humans is taken away. I think that is a major weakness to the idea of holism, while is can, and does, still have many quality…show more content…
I live my life mostly on a scientific foundation and this concept makes more sense to me. We can, and have, seen in science and medicine how things work together to create a whole. When I think of reductionism I feel as though it applies mostly to the scientific community. When reviewing how different pathways in the body are essentially cause and effect junctions, it is easy to see how reductionism is validated. Hemoglobin is carried in the blood and interacted with iron which is what gives proteins their quaternary structure, which in turn is what and how our proteins work and we need proteins in order to survive. Everything relies off one another. However, when I think of holism in the sense outside of the concept of science, I picture all the pieces needed to build a small house laid out on the ground. One can look at that pile and know they only have a pile of lumber and tools. One cannot have a whole without the parts and their reactions to one another. When examining the example of the University of California acceptance rates, I think that shows how reductionism is more logical. If a holist looked at that data it would not make sense because in the individual departments, more women were accepted even though in the overall big picture more men were accepted. Holism would state that the overall admittance rate was the only rate that mattered, even though the pieces suggested the opposite of

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