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The book Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth is a book that is written in a way that does not narrate Mohmand Gandhi’s life; but rather, it shapes a more interactive approach to not only educate readers, but to teach them the importance behind his philosophies. The book is structured in a way that shows readers the challenges that Gandhi faced and how these formulated his outlook on life. Moreover, he writes his book from a self-realization standpoint on how his teachings were developed because of his experiments with discovering truth. In fact, Gandhi makes this interpretation apparent as he articulates that “it is not my purpose to attempt a real autobiography. I simply want to tell the story of my numerous experiments…show more content…
Thereby, it is perceived being carried out in Gandhi’s non-violence principle based on the belief in ahimsa. As ahimsa encompass that one “remains true to his faith, the spring of all his actions is compassion, if he shuns to the best of his ability the destruction of the tiniest creature tries to save it, and thus incessantly strives to be free from the deadly coil of himsa” (Gandhi 361). In reference to this, Gandhi thus came to the understanding that he was unaware of the importance that his behaviour had in a given situation until he experimented with it and understood that the true nature within ahimsa and how a perfect vision of truth can only follow a full realization in ahimsa (Gandhi 520). Overall, throughout Gandhi’s autobiography it is evident that everything within Gandhi’s practice is driven by seeking out the truth and that it all stemmed through his discovery of his self-realization through faith that he was able to conceptualize these aspects which later helped Gandhi fight for the independence of India in 1922 (Gandhi…show more content…
For starters, the film is produced from a more political standpoint as it is based more along the lines of historical events with reference to Gandhi’s role in gaining independence to India. Well the book is conceptualized based on Gandhi’s experiments with truth and how these events have formed Gandhi’s character. Based on the way that the film is produced it becomes apparent that it is taking away the significance that Gandhi holds aside from his contribution to the political side. To further explain, the film did not demonstrate a direct connection with Gandhi therefore viewers were unaware of the fact that Gandhi gained his knowledge through that of his flaws. Moreover, I think that this is a certain difference due to the fact that this was a film that was produced to cover 70 years of history. Therefore, the main focal point was to illustrate the significance that Gandhi’s work placed on India not necessarily on the all the aspects leading up. In fact, it seems as though the film took a very selective standpoint in the way that Gandhi was portrayed. Overall, Gandhi’s autobiography was produced in the way that it was due to the fact that the books main purpose was to educate others in the goal of truth and the film main objective was to demonstrate what came out of Gandhi’s

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