Importance Of Fair Trade

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Coffee, you either love it or you hate it. With a sweet, strong flavour, and a presence of caffeine, it’s one of the most common drinks in the world due to its ability to wake you up. But, in order for our world to develop sustainably, the worldwide coffee industry should adopt fair trade policies. Fair trade policies in the worldwide coffee industry would be beneficial for both sides of the equations, ensuring that the coffee suppliers, which tend to be in regions that are quite poor. A fair trade agreement would ensure that the workers are paid what they should be paid for their hard labour, rather than extremely low rates that are unsustainable for the people, and the nations. A fair trade policy would also have the ability to make sure…show more content…
For all of the work that the people in the countries located in the ‘bean belt’ do in order to have a healthy sized harvest to supply the rest of the world would be hard work, making sure that it is just right, just the way it needs to be to be accepted by the buyers to then be paid not nearly what they could be worth with the potential adaptation of fair trade policies. The balance of paid price, needs to be equal or higher to the value of the time and care that the production of coffee takes to make sure that they are receiving fair amounts for all of the work that they’re putting into the production of the coffee for the sole purpose of moving it on to international countries around the world that does not have the ability to produce coffee. The implementation of a fair trade policy would make sure that both sides of the deal are treated the same and that they are both selling or buying at an acceptable price that is sustainable for the coffee…show more content…
With Brazilian coffee farmers living on an average annual income of only $4,596, which is considerably less than the average Australian annual income of $80,000+. Obviously there would be differences in the jobs worked in Australian, in contrast to the job of farming coffee, but coffee farming is a job that requires more attention that most of the other jobs that are out there, and are highly common in Australia as they have to actively be assessing their coffee to know when they need to harvest the fruits, when to harvest the coffee from the fruit, and also when they need to dry the coffee, whether that be the traditional sun drying method, or otherwise, the pay does not seem to match the job in the way that the job is a highly demanding one at that. The introduction of a fair trade agreement would ensure that the time and hard work of the workers in the coffee farming industry are fairly paid. If the coffee producers received more money in exchange for their crop, then that would pump more money into the economy, as just last year there were almost 60,000,000 60kg bags of coffee grown and sold in Brazil, so if the amount that they were paid for their products were to be increased with the introduction of a fair trade agreement among that countries that grow the coffee and with the

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