Fashion In The Victorian Era

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Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch in history. Ruling the U.K. from 1873 to 1901. Queen Victoria’s death on January 22, 1901 at the age of 81 was mourned around the world and signaled an end to the VIctorian Era For months the Queen’s health had been failing. Victoria had lost her appetite and started looking smaller and smaller. She would become very tired more easily and would become very confused. The Queen had left very detailed instructions as to how she wanted her funeral. The instructions included very specific things she wanted inside her coffin. Many of the items she wanted were from her beloved husband, Albert. On January 25, 1901, the Queen’s doctor had…show more content…
However, it was during the later years that the drastic changes were brought about in fashion and design of the Victorian women. By 1860, the “skirts were flat” at the front as compared to the bell-shaped skirts worn by the early Victorian women. The day dresses had “ pagoda sleeves” and a “high neckline”. These necklines either had “ lace and or tatted collar” on them. By 1867, Crinoline was replaced by “Bustles” to hold the skirts up. The shirt was high collard and the top-hat had a veil. By 1887, sleeves of the dresses had become slimmer and close fitting. During the 1890’s women’s fashion was simple as compared to the earlier years. Women did not use bustles and crinoline and the dresses were no longer tight fitted. “Corsets” were longer giving the women a slight S-curve silhouette. Skirts worn were closely fitted over the hip and flared just above the…show more content…
The neckties were wider and were to be tied in a bow or looped into a loose knot and tied with a stickpin. Another change that took place was that the frock coats became shorter. Now, they reached up to the knee length as against the previous ones reaching the calf.Three-piece suits were invented around 1870s and instantly were a hit among the people. Another change that was brought during this time was in ties. Neckties were four-in-hand and a new type, known as Ascot ties soon became popular.During the mid-1800, dinner jackets were also used for formal occasions. The Norfolk jacket and woolen breeches came to be used for outdoor activities like shooting. During the winter, men preferred to wear topcoats and the overcoats reaching up to the knees along with contrasting velvet or at times fur

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