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Knowledge, certain and see things as they really are. Understanding of someone or something such as facts and information gained from the experiences. As a human person I believe that all of us innate knowledge. We gain our knowledge and ideas through the experiences we encounter in our life. For Aristotle, knowledge is the sensation, thought and desire; sensation it is the capacity of the soul to interchanged contact with the body. Thought, the manipulation it is formed through contact with external objects at all. Thinking independently and imagination of the common sense. Lastly desires the knowledge towards our goals. Which means that each and every one of us innate such knowledge gaining through fast or slow process. The Reality, what…show more content…
That is a fact of life. It is very common for us to get into a mode where we think, “If I can only have this and that, I think that would be perfect.” We really want something; we want to have those material things that would just be temporary giving us joy. They would be bringing us happiness that would last for a moment or a week, but over the time it would become worthless and our desire turned into a new object. So I can say that material things would not define what our life purpose is, what is our status in life is and what we are as a person. Those things will always be temporary and would just bring pleasure for the mean time. Things that will just be symbolized as a reward for the success of what you did that it will just be worth it like buying a new phone because you accomplish something, buying jewelleries, pampering yourself in a luxurious place. These material things will just be temporarily staying and will give us a slight hint of happiness. That is why I can say that a material thing is not always essential to have and say that this define as why I am happy. Because happiness cannot be touched or see it must be felt by the mind and the brain alone. All of that type of wealth is just equally rewarded in their own ways. The point is the act of buying things by itself may not be what will bring you the maximum amount of

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