The Four Characteristics Of Unemployment In South Africa

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Unemployment is defined as any person who is of working age (aged 16-64), who is currently looking for a job, but cannot find one. In developing countries, unemployment is of chronic and long-term nature. There are four types of unemployment, namely: Structural unemployment, Frictional unemployment, cyclical unemployment and Seasonal unemployment. The characteristics of unemployment would include the following: 1. Lack of skills: This is a large portion of unemployment in South Africa. Majority of the black people (who grew up during Apartheid) received poor education and therefore had very few opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills. This is an ongoing problem and many youth have not been given the opportunity to get a good education due to schools being crowded and poorly resourced. 2. Age: It is often difficult to get a first job, because you would need experience. If you do not receive a job until later on in life, you may have forgotten the things you had learnt in school or what you had…show more content…
The government would save a lot of money on social grants and could then use it on other things such as schools, hospitals and infrastructure. The tax amount could also decrease, which would allow taxpaying individuals some added financial freedom. The cost of living would decrease which would then improve the standard of living for many people. Poverty, crime and substance abuse amongst the unemployed would be decreased. The country would become increasingly safe, happy and sustainable. The South African currency could become stronger, improving our ability to import and therefore progress productivity. Children from poor households could be given the opportunity to receive a good education and/or tertiary education too. This would increase the level of skills amongst the youth and would improve the unemployment situation even

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