Ethnic Conflict In Pakistan

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Khan (1996) in his article Pakistan: Ethnic Fragmentation or National Integration states that the reason for the emergence of ethnic conflicts is due to rejection of nation's leader to recognize cultural and language diversity in these regions. When they were not recognized as the diverse entity and were considered as the individual. This shaped ethnic troubles as culture or language are precious to people's mind and they don't wish to lose it or also cannot see it vanishing at any rate. This affected and damaged national integrity. He further highlighted the ethnic problems basic constituents in Pakistan like Sovereignty, allotment or distribution of resources, migration among province, Language, and Culture Majeed (2014) in her article Baloch…show more content…
The military claims that brutality is the consequence of tribal boss' resistance to the Pakistani government's improvement ventures, while the activists trust that the Punjabi-ruled military is colonizing their property and abusing its assets. He argues that the violence is probably not going to die down, missing an extensive change in the administration's way to deal with the contention. The military government asserts that the operation was instigated against militant nationalists who assaulted government buildings but Militant nationalists claimed that the operation is the effort to reinforce their control over natural resources. Moreover, socio-economic and political background to the conflict is also discussed. Regional and global interests are also present in the region. Gwadar port attracted USA, China, and Central Asia. The situation being what it is, it is doubtful to feel that the military will deliberately surrender political energy to chose agents sooner rather than…show more content…
Federalism is believed to be an essential means to protect political accord in the country like Pakistan having a diverse society being alienated into diverse ethnic and linguistic groups. He added that the current circumstances in Balochistan are so terrible that people suspect, even oppose, progressive projects. The socio-economic development in Balochistan in contrast with other provinces of Pakistan emerges to face mainly frightening challenges. The present tense condition, divergence, and discrepancy in Balochistan are political and social issues which require the serious manifestation of the entire problem of the federal arrangement and it should be dealing with and redirected in the framework of the socio-political method. There are two methods to deal with the social and political treatment of Balochistan, one is to eradicate the foundation of distrust and uncertainties, and secondly to evaluate the whole federal structure with a solid decision to make a powerful federation where each component unit is not endangered by another

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