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INTRODUCTION: INFOSYS AT A GLANCE Infosys, a giant in information technology was started in 1981 with US$ 250 by seven people. At present, it is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing with revenues of US$ 9.50 billion (LTM FY16) with a market share of approximately $43.70 billion. Many of the most successful organizations in the world rely on Infosys as their only business solution provider. It provides consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to over 30 countries to build tomorrow’s enterprise. Infosys pioneered the Global Delivery Model (GDM), which a philosophy based on the principle of taking work to the location where the best talent is available, in order to make a best economic sense, with the…show more content…
Recruitment and selection is the core function of human resource management (French, 2007) and it is very crucial for an organization’s success (Pilbream and Corbridge, 2006). As per Wilson (2005), training and development, performance management, selection and reward management are the key features in human resource management. Recruitment, Compensation and Training are the three main activities carried out by Human Resource Management team. Out of these recruitment activities plays a vital role in hiring the right person to the right job. WHAT IS RECRUITMENT? In the year 2005, Cascio stated that “Recruitment is generally treated as a one way process i.e. organization’s searching for prospective employees and this approach is known as Prospecting Theory of recruitment.” (pp.259). Thus recruitment is the process of searching the prospective employee to suit the prospective job. It is the first stage in selection which makes the job vacancies are known to a large number of people. In response to this, potential applicants would apply for the prospective job offered by the organization. SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT: The sources of recruitment that Infosys are generally use are internal source and external…show more content…
Candidates will be called for technical interview where they can express their technical skills and the other questions asked. 5. At the personal interview the recruiter and applicant can know about each other. The recruiter will want to know about the applicant career goals, strengths and more. Applicants can also quiz the recruiter about anything that they would like to know about the job, company, his/her position and more. 6. Finally the applicant will be offered the job for the desired position of job to become a part of the Infosys Corporation. Infosys recruitment process for off campus, placement drive will be vary. This is Infosys selection process for direct recruitment where candidates are directly called from Infosys career HR team.

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