Volkswagen Espionage Theory

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• The theories / concepts implemented by Volkswagen in their business practices or business activities As we have chosen to discuss on intelligence and espionage, we found out that Volkswagen have used the espionage strategies in their business to gain advantages from their competitor in the industry. “Thus, the enlightened ruler and the capable general are able to secure victories for their military campaigns and achieve successes that surpass those of many others. The reason is because of foreknowledge.” Line 13.8 and 13.9 (Wee, C. H., 2003). Therefore Volkswagen has chosen to use espionage in acquiring the knowledge. They have used competitor’s top managers to gain such valuable information which will benefit them in the industry. In 1993…show more content…
No one would have confidence towards someone who are not loyal. It will be a huge risk on determining their trustworthiness, it will be an issue in allocating resources and separation of task, and one would rather let people who they don’t trust take less responsibility because it will be a huge gamble to let them play a main role on deciding company’s future. He/she who jumped from other company will be having a great chance of doing the same thing…show more content…
Even so, we understand that using corporate espionage in business practice will have its pros and cons. Disadvantage in implementing the spy strategy is the trustworthiness between inward spies and the company will be doubted, low value of loyalty become a latent threat for them. In order to minimize the risk of betrayal, we recommend increase the interactions between employee and employer to avoid such incident happen. Secondly, enhance reputation of the company and internal understanding on existing employee is one of the ways to retain talent workers. Furthermore, this will motivate them to stay loyal with the company when they see a bright future in the company. In conclusion, we understand better on the application in business activity and organization

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