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How to Create a Warm and Inviting Living Room in Six Easy Steps Do you know your living room décor gives away more secrets about you than you ever intend to? Your drawing room is much like the face of your home. Just by stepping in your living room one can say if you are an adventurous, passionate, serene or extroverted type? Your living room can reveal whether you are a workaholic or love spending your day lolling on the sofa. Are you a book lover, small time antiquarian or collector of precious art works? It is not so hidden a secret that a well decorated living room creates an instant impression even in the minds of the strangers. To The Count of Monte Cristo the world was akin to a drawing room. Your world may or may not be limited to…show more content…
Though, strictly speaking, it is not a decorative element, but it shows how simple things can considerably alter the moods and help in creating an inviting living space. A statement sculptural piece set in a prominent place in the living room can instantly create the warmth you are searching for. A large Rubik’s Cube turned stool or corner table, a stylish book case in bright colour or a radiant lampshade all have the capabilities of creating a more inviting space without too much of an alteration. But you will have to choose your ensemble carefully and refrain from crowding your living with too many articles of such types. Chromatic Rugs Do you think you can create an inviting living room without taking care of your flooring? Oh, no! But we understand that creating a gorgeous floor with glittering tesserae is now beyond our skills or means. So, we use another beautiful human creation, a kilim, run or mat in stunning colours, such an one that livens up the space in no time. Your magic carpet may not take you to distant landscapes, but will make people feel at home, comfortable and
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