Black Panther Reflection

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Black Panther was long awaited but I feel as though it came at the perfect time, racial tension is at an all-time high as countless tragedies and political catastrophes plague the world. Hopefully this film will provide some much-needed healing and empowerment not only for adults but for the children, I think they need this the most. Although many of us grew up with the Black Panther comics as well as others, we are in a digital age with a very distinct lack of representation in film and TV that is affecting how many kids see themselves. To have a film like this means so much for society and culture moving forward. What Ryan Coogler and Marvel accomplished is more than just pay homage to a beloved comic or deliver a visually stunning action-packed film they let the world see a nearly all black cast in a movie about the strength of an African nation untouched by colonialism thriving. The Black Panther film is important not only for is existence but for a strong cast, story and most notably the current events it touches on through its storyline and characters. One issue I noticed, which was recurring throughout the film, was that of immigration. Wakanda has always been an isolationist country and past kings have ensured that. Nakia hopes that her…show more content…
Throughout the film she urges king T’Challa to use his position to help refugees and other needy countries with Wakanda’s resources. She believes that Wakanda could not only sustain itself but help boost other countries by opening its doors and sharing some of Wakanda’s power. W’kabi, in charge of securing Wakanda’s border, does not share Nakia’s beliefs. Nakia wants inclusion while W’kabi seeks to remain isolated from the world. W’kabi believes that “refugees bring their problems with them” and sees no place for them within the stronghold that is

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