Situationism In Social Psychology

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How you affect individuals through thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is called Social psychology. Social psychology also focuses on how people interpret certain situations. There are three certain types of behavior situationism, dispositionism and internal factor. Situationism is how you view someone's behavior and actions by determining their environment and surroundings. For instance, my voice and demeanor changes when I talk to customers at work versus my normal voice when I am around friends and family. Dispositionism is our behavior is determined by our internal factors. Internal factors focuses on your personality traits and temperament. My friend is pretty shy and introverted and when she is around new people she is very quiet and resistant to initiate conversations,this would an example on dispositionism and internal factors.…show more content…
People tend to overlook certain situations based on your behavior. For instance, when I used to work in the restaurant industry it was very stressful especially since I was the store manager. The type of boss that I had everything had to be perfect. Well when I would come home on friday night, I was not the most happy go lucky person to talk too. I did not want to associate with anyone, all I wanted to do was to get off my feet and take a bath, a lot of people thought I was a rude angry person, which I am not. In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom is where we find individualistic cultures and collectivistic cultures. Just world hypothesis is where people believe that whatever happens in a positive or negative way you deserve what is coming to you. If you were sexually assaulted, the person who hurt you deserves to be put behind

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