Importance Of Disaster Planning

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Introduction Data is alluded to as a collection of facts. Each organization forms information at various levels every day making it the primary resource/asset of an organization. With the progression in innovation, each business tends to deploy and adopt modern systems, applications, and technologies to help in data generation, storage, security, and management. Data administration and storage are accomplished through databases being the best-favored solution. Control of database management and access is another key aspect of ensuring the security of company data. Threats to organization data are several. Data could be subjected to abuse or misuse by the employees with access privileges. Furthermore, Technological advancement has stimulated…show more content…
Information Technology advancement has accelerated the business operations. With the invention of networking and communications, the global community now enjoys a flexible business environment. Businesses are deploying modern technologies and principles to run their Systems efficiently to guarantee business continuity. However, business continuity is determined by the ability to deal with potential human-made and natural disasters by creating a proficient and accurate disaster recovery plans. This outlines the need for disaster planning. Disaster planning refers to the defined procedures and policies to enable recovery of vital business processes on an occurrence of natural or man-made disasters. Disaster plan offers an effective solution to recover all essential and critical business process within the required duration using the set procedures. It provides procedures and policies to help during emergency situations. Disaster plans are used individually, though they are designed to create some sense of interdependence (Martin,…show more content…
It defines the organizations readiness towards a given disaster. The outlined measures prepare the organization for and reduce the impact of the disaster. The actions performed include, predicting, and if possible prevention, mitigating the effects on the vulnerable population and responding to effectively cope with the consequences. It entails staff training and mainly the in-house disaster response team as well as the community on disaster response techniques, identification and enclosures of irreplaceable and vital materials for priority salvage. Set procedures are outlined to ensure good response. For example, location of fire

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