My Grandmother Analysis

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Ancestry 16th April, 1874, My great great great Grandmother migrated by her self over from Gravesend, England on the ship names Sussex , when she was just 17 years old. She arrived in Otago on 17th July 1874. Her occupation at the time was a domestic servant which was common at the time. After a few years she married Charles Edwards in The year 1876. One of her children was named Florence Mabel Edwards Who then had Florence agnus Longhurt who then had Maureen Longhurst. Maureen is my Nana. As it turns out Charles Migrated at the same time, on the same boat and they didn’t even realise until they were married. The first Obvious push factor was the industrial revolution. Emma, as a servant was earning next to nothing a week and craved a new environment and scenery. The revolution was so bad at some points she couldn’t eat or wasn’t given…show more content…
but everyone knew it was a place of fresh starts and new opportunities. Eventually her health and salary was is such a bad state she saved and took of for her dream location to pursue a career working in service and hospitality. No was very appealing at the time it was a recently discovered country, had clean air and amazing job opportunities. My second pull factor is that during the 1800’s New Zealand was doing so well economically that there was a HUGE demand for overseas workers. Boats filled with hundreds of excited people would arrive almost every day totalling the population to around a million. Emma heard of the mass of migration to New Zealnd and Immediately knew that it was gods calling telling her to leave Scummy old England, and begin a New life on the other side of the world. Emma was at risk to stay in her country health wise so it was inevitable that she would eventually
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