Animal Farm Russian Revolution Analysis

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Russian Revolution and Animal Farm +5 points Animal Farm raises awareness about communist Russia, by comparing the main pigs to the prominent figures in the Russian Revolution. In the commencement of the book, it introduces Old Major and verbalizes him as a father figure to the animals on the farm. The conception of Animalism is allegedly made by Old Major as a way to rule the farm in a more peaceful manner. Animalism is very akin to the theory of Leninism which was brought up by Vladimir Lenin, who was head of the regime for Russia from 1917-1924. Both are eerily similar due to the fact that both believe that all people/animals should be treated equally. Leninism believes in economic equality, and Animalism believes in animal equality while living in prosperity amongst each other. The difference is that the two societies, perceive them in different conduct. Something that's also…show more content…
Stalin rose up to power once Lenin passed away, much like Napoleon. Once they realize that their followers were slowly starting to lean towards their peers they exile them. Napoleon ran Animal Farm in a very totalistic manner just ignoring his comrades. Though both sides did have parties amongst each other who input ideas, most of the time they did what they thought was beneficial. The use of violence to contain power can be seen throughout the book and history. On one hand, Napoleon decides to use dogs to exile anyone who went against him, and on the other Stalin would just kill whoever stood in his way. Throughout the Napoleon can be seen many times portraying himself as a cult leader, which adds the idea of why they are one in the same. Even though what they were doing was bad, none of their followers stood up, because they were just too simple-minded. Napoleon’s comparisons were very well executed, making him the most recognizable allegory amongst the

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