Persuasive Essay On Community Service

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Growing up in a Christian home, one of the principals that I have been instilled with is that it's always better to give than receive. Through participating in Brown Creek Baptist Church’s Youth group, I have had an abundance opportunities to go and spend time with elderly couples that are shut in, package food and clothes for those who are less fortunate, as well as participating in Operation Christmas Child, and every one of these activities has been a blessing towards me. However, through going to church I have had the amazing privilege to work with a toddler class at Brown Creek Baptist as well as help teach all ages of kids at their vacation bible schools. To me these acts are not community service but an act of kindness that a person should be expected to do…show more content…
Every Sunday I was listening to all the different kids tell me about their weeks and them fussing amongst themselves to see who would get to sit next to me and help read the lesson. Not only did dealing with so many the kids under the age of six teach me patience at times, but that little kids really watch everything you do and that you are an example in everything that you do, not only to the kids but everyone you see. Through I was helping them learn bible stories and teaching them interact with one another, they were teaching me the most important lesson. I would consider myself an introvert and helping teach was outside of my comfort zone, nonetheless this experience showed me that I might benefit in the future from a career that has to deal with caring for people. Since it’s my senior year I am back in the youth Sunday school class, and though I am not teaching the toddler class anymore several always end up finding a way out of their class to come give me a hug just to let me know that they are at church and they have to make sure I am still there

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