Importance Of Computer

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Introduction: Computers touch almost every aspect of our lives, performing critical functions in diverse areas including education and training, home and entertainment, medicine, and work. The Importance of computers in our lives makes human-computer interaction one of the most critical factors in systems design. One fundamental issue in human-computer interaction is that limitations exist on the communication between human and computer. That is, human-system interaction is still fundamentally bounded by the inherent capabilities of humans to absorb, analyse, store, and interpret information to create behaviour; and by limitations in the ability of computers to predict human intentions, action, and communications. Over the past decades, tremendous advancements have pushed the bounds on these limitations, including the development of novel devices for improving information flow into the computer via multi-modal devices. Brain computing interface sometimes called as mind machine because some of the machines works according to our mind…show more content…
In 1924 Berger was the first person who recorded human’s brain activity by means of electroencephalography. Berger was able to identify oscillatory activity, such as Berger's wave or the alpha wave eight to thirteen Hz, by analysing electroencephalography traces. Berger's first recording device was very rudimentary. He inserted silver wires under the scalps of his patients. These were later replaced by silver foils attached to the patients' head by rubber bandages. Berger connected these sensors to a Lippmann capillary electrometer, with disappointing results. However, more sophisticated measuring devices, such as the Siemens dual-coil recording galvanometer, which displayed electric voltages as small as one ten thousandth of a volt, led to
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