The Importance Of Computer-Mediated Communication

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Since the outbreak of new technologies, we have been witnesses of the influences these improvements caused on the different aspects of our daily lives. From changing the way in which we buy goods, to the way in which we receive news from the world and to the way we communicate with each other. Regarding this last aspect, we can say that technologies have had a great impact on and have changed several parameters of human relationships. Furthermore, it is considered that an innovative way of communication was born: the so-called Computer-Mediated Communication. In accordance with Susan Herring (2013), Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) is the human communication which takes place via the instrumentality of two or more electronic devices. In spite of the fact that this term originally referred to those communications occurring via computer-mediated formats, nowadays it is also applied to other forms of text-based interaction, such as text messaging. It can be said that CMC has been expanding during the last years. Nevertheless, one cannot consider that this new communication has completely replaced or is close to replace other more traditional ways of communicating. For example, CMC coexists with Face-to-Face Interaction (FtF), which is defined by Erving

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