The Importance Of Computers In Education

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Despite the high potential of computer as a powerful instructional technology, it has not been satisfactorily integrated into classrooms. Still, a lot of voices are heard around the world complaining about the teachers' avoidance of computer use and failure in successfully incorporating it into classrooms. This issue attracted researchers' attention. They started to explore the factors that encourage the technology use and barriers that impede proper integration of this versatile instructional technology into education. Brickner (1995) categorized these factors as first order barriers and second order barriers. With the former, he means external obstacles, and with the latter, he intends teachers' internal obstacles. Factors such as access to hardware and software, technical support and…show more content…
According to Ertmer (1999), beliefs about teaching, beliefs about established classroom practices, beliefs about computers are intrinsic barriers. Also, researchers mentioned "change process" as a phenomenon that can profoundly influence teachers' use of computer in classrooms. (Rogers, 1995; Sarason, 1995; Fullan, 1993; Becker, 1991; Hall and Hord, 1987). In fact, change is a complicated, intricate, multidimensional, complex phenomenon when it refers to educational reform. In many regions, there is still long way ahead to institutionalize computer in classrooms. Changing the culture of classrooms and education community can be decelerated and hindered by teachers' reluctance to integrate computer into classrooms. A lot of researchers hypothesized in the recent decades that changing and educational reform to use computer in classrooms can be possible through continuous teacher preparation programs that emphasize the use of instructional technology in their
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