Pros And Consequences Of Prostitution

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Abstract: With the increasingly internationalization of China, people are more and more open to the topic of sexuality because of the acceptance and absorption of foreign cultures. Therefore, the topic of sexual transactions has drawn more and more attention. In China, prostitution can not be considered lawful due to its special national conditions. Due to the long-standing inequality between men and women and the existence of materialized women, at the early stage of the establishment of the rule of law, the recognition of prostitution as legitimate has many adverse social consequences. However, we will discuss here whether the discussion should be legal and ethical, and the details of the specific implementation will not fall within the scope…show more content…
However, there are three types of organized prostitution: one is forcibly organized, the other is the organization of minors to prostitution, the death penalty can be retained for them; but there are also adults, and she is willing to Choose such a way of life, and this as her career, then they should be organized to protect health and safety of transactions, should not be sentenced to death, or even should not be convicted. Only in this way can we sort out the best in order to be protected in terms of safety and health to the maximum. However, the severely punished severely punished those who forced prostitution of women and prostitution of minors, but also severely cracked down. " The legalization of prostitution has sparked a great deal of controversy in favor of and support for the legalization of prostitution, believing that the legalization of prostitution can protect the rights and interests of sex workers and reduce crime, A country is populated by risk-neutral individuals who choose to participate in the prostitution market according to subjective costs and benefits(Giovanni , 2012), as is already the case in developed

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