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HOW MENSTRUAL CUP WORKS UNDERSTAND THE USE AND BENEFIT OF IT Are you familiar with Menstrual Cup? This is one type of feminine product for women to use if they have their monthly period besides the traditional menstrual products such as sanitary pads or tampons. This is effective for those professional women whose time is so important this is also hygenic because we dont need to keep on changing every time we feel discomfort. Unlike sanitary pads that is very common for women to use they have to change everytime they feel dry or the pads is full. But with this kind of products it is very convenient and effective. Now lets understand more about of this product. From the product name itself it looks like a cup that inserted inside the vagina to catch all the flow. If you are slow to meduim flow the cup can stay up to 12 hours but if you have heavy flow you need to check it more often. If you are not familiar with this you may feel discomfort or afraid because of insertion thing. We will discuss it in this topic. First, we will learn how to use Mentrual Cup. 1. For first time to use, make sure you are calm and…show more content…
It’s also perfectly safe to wear as most cups available today are made of medical grade silicone. This is more effective alternative to use rather than pads because this is more money saver and affortdable unlike pads we have to buy it everytime. Menstrual cup is reusable and can last up to a year depends on how you take care of it. Its color may change but its not a problem There are different sizes of cups available on the market today. These cups are made to suit all women at any age. Some menstrual cups are designed for women who had not have given birth before, and some are made for women who have given birth already. In addition, you can figure out the right cup for you based on your age, length of your vaginal canal, experience, comfort, and menstrual

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