Essay On Poverty And Population Growth

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“How much is $2 to you?” Most people living in the developed countries would think that $2 is nothing, they can’t even purchase a tall Starbucks with $2. However, for some people that live in the developing world, $2 is a matter of life and death, whether they qualify for state welfare. According to World Bank (2016), 10% of the world’s population lived on less than US$1.90 a day which categorizes them under absolute poverty. Over the past decade, a common characteristic has been seen that people who live in absolute poverty tend to live in developing countries and have a large family. World average total fertility rate was 2.4 children per women while poorest countries have a fertility rate of 4.4 children per women. (Jared & John, 2012). This drives many researchers around the world to question the relationship between poverty and population growth in developing countries. The purpose of this paper is to explore the question raise and it has been shown that there are two perspectives regarding the relationship between poverty and population growth. Boserupians and dependency theorist view poverty as the cause of high population growth while Malthusians see high population growth as the cause of poverty (Seeme & Naghmana, 2005). This paper will focus on poverty being the driving force for population growth in a…show more content…
(2013) have done a research on poverty and population growth in Nigeria. From his finding, Nigeria has a population of 162 million (FAO, 2012) and 70% of the population is living below poverty line (USAID, 2011). People in the rural tend to live with poorly developed human resource and poor access to basic necessities of life (IFAD, 2012). This lead to high infant mortality as mothers are unable to access to healthcare services and high death rate as well due to inaccessible to quality resources. To overcome this situation, families would have more children to increase their chance of survival and replace the

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