Importance Of Administrative Administration

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Administrative Property Officer Selection Criteria 1. Ability to maintain systematic and accurate administrative records in a confidential environment. Currently, working for Broadspectrum which is a fast-paced environment I maintain systematic and accurate administrative records for the Commonwealth. Dealing directly with the Department of Defence, it is an essential requirement to keep all information confidential. I liaise with members of the Commonwealth on work orders and required completion dates and ensure the work is input with accuracy. I keep all information confidential and ensure that no work is left on desks which can be seen by people who are not authorised. Prior to working for Broadspectrum I worked as a Receptionist/Administration…show more content…
I also sent letters to clients asking for payment of accounts. Microsoft Outlook was the main form of communication within the office and I would write emails daily, checking they would be easily understood. 4. Demonstrated ability to prioritise work and operate under supervision while meeting strict deadlines. I prioritise my workload each day based on management request and the needs of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth provides the information on when the work orders must be completed, and I ensure I meet these deadlines. I report directly to the team leader while working autonomously as I know which work is required to be finalised each day. Working at the Chiropractic Centre, each day was based around meeting strict deadlines. Patients do not like to be kept waiting and I would ensure I booked in patients with enough time for the appointment to ensure that waiting periods were kept to a minimum. As the Office Manager, I prioritised my own work and the work of the team and I always ensured that all daily objectives were met. Sometimes this meant that I would step in to assist someone to ensure the work was completed on…show more content…
All of my positions have revolved around customer service. Currently, at Broadspectrum I provide customer service internally and externally to members of the commonwealth and army personnel. I achieve this by ensuring all duties requested of me are undertaken to a high level and finalised within the agreed timeframe. While working as the Office Manager at the chiropractic centre, I was required to communicate with clients everyday and I took pride in providing the highest quality of customer service. Often a situation would arise where a patient would ring the clinic and the patient would be in pain. The clinic would be fully booked, and I would rearrange appointments to ensure the patient could get to see the chiropractor that day, ensuring they would be free of pain as soon as possible. 7. A proven record of ethical behaviour and a demonstrated commitment to the Victoria Police Code of Ethics and Conduct, Financial Code of Practice, and the Organisational Values. I have a proven record of ethical behaviour from working at Broadspectrum. I am required to have Commonwealth Security Clearance to undertake my duties and I always conduct myself in an ethical and professional manner. I would commit to the Victoria Police Code of Ethics and Conduct, Financial Code of Practice, and the Organisational

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