The Importance Of Legitimacy

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Legitimacy is crucial to the state, as a state without legitimacy; power will be used on the people to obey the rules. Legitimacy is also important as it predicates the way that the people will behave. Legitimacy needs success, and it needs to be backed up by the people in order to avoid any revolutions and maintain the continuation of the state laws. Legitimacy comes from elections, religion, and the state's economy; all of these factors provide us with a long time of support by the people if there is a success. The Legitimacy that is ruled by fear ends up quickly, such cases that I will discuss are; Saddam Hussein form of rule and the French Revolution. This paper will explore how Legitimacy is important to the state's stability and without enforcing it on the population the state…show more content…
Nowadays there are many different ideas of what makes a state legitimate such as the state providing social security and health systems, as soon the citizens know that the state is providing these they recognize the state's legitimate. In today's world there are weak states and strong states, we look at the week states, as states were the people disobey the rules and the strong states where the people automatically follow the rules. An example of a weak state would be Pakistan as it has a corrupt government, it lacks good health care and education, the Pakistani’s would not see this states as legitimate so they would not support the state, as the state is not providing the people with what is important for them. An example of a strong state would be Japan as it has a vibrant economy and that the state realizes that they need to have strong healthcare, educational system and social security for their population. We also see that the Japanese are one of the world organized people that they never break a rule, which all goes back to the state that they recognize and obey the rules, as their population is satisfied by the

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