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Land Administration Structures in Ireland Simon Black, Ireland Introduction All countries have a system in practice to deal with issues involving the management of land. These issues involve land tenure, land value, land use and land development. In Ireland there is one organization which maintains all issues relating to land tenure, this is the Property Registration Authority (PRAI). The main aspects of the Irish System are the Registry of Deeds and the Land Registry. This report will outline and discuss the Land Administrative Structures (LAS) in Ireland and all areas involved in Land Administration. These areas involve the services and limitations included in Land Administration and involve such areas as current roles, responsibilities…show more content…
Cadastre in Ireland is a huge field as it contains all the areas around Land Administration. A cadastre will often include details of the ownership, the tenure, the precise location of the area, and the value of parcels of land. In most countries, systems have been developed around the administrative systems at hand and use the cadastre to find the dimensions and location of land parcels . In figure 1 below it is clear to see that the LAS in place in Ireland includes the interaction between the identification of land parcels and the registration of land rights, and shows how they support the valuation and taxation of land and property. The concept of multipurpose cadastral systems as seen shows an engaging of the systems in order to deliver the four functions of land tenure, value, use and development, and to deliver sustainable development into the Irish…show more content…
Their principle role is mainly focused around the national revaluation programme. This programme involves processing of the revision applications from the 1850’s. The revaluation programme’s goal is to produce an up-to-date valuation list of businesses or working companies in respects to their current value for the purpose of commercial rates. The programme consists of rating agents representing rate payers when getting involved with the valuation office. The valuation office has a number of responsibilities. They provide valuation services to local authority’s for rating purposes when it comes to the value of property. As imagined this task is quite a hour intensive one as not all areas will have the same values and therefore classifying areas by each individual value is a challenge. In the event of a sale, purchase or letting of property by public bodies and government departments, they act as a source of advice. Advice is also provided for capital taxation purposes, to the revenue commissioners. The provision of valuation lists in an electronic format, is another service provided by this office. A full valuation archive, which ranges from present day as far back as 1850’s, including valuation maps and other documentation is available from the valuation office as of now. Another service provided is valuation certificates in the case of Land registry and registry of deeds inquiry’s, and for licencing

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