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Dr. Rajendra Prasad once said that – “The achievements of Sardar will be written in letters of gold and will occupy an immortal place in the history of India.” One would not disagree that Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was one of the most important leader for the republic of India. He was known to be social leader of India who played a major role in the country's struggle and revolution for independence and guided its integration into a united and independent nation. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was an Indian barrister, statesman and the leader of the Indian National Congress. He was also the First Deputy Prime minister of India. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel became one of the most influential leaders in Gujarat. As a part of politics, he organized the party elections in 1934 and 1937, and promoted the Quit India Movement. His steely determination and pragmatism gave him the respect to be known as the "Iron Man of India". Today, In the context…show more content…
He considered them unrealistic and irrelevant to Indian society and economy. His decisive role in the establishment of the so called Indian Civil Services could not be disregarded.. His governance policies were so brilliant and powerful that the TIME Magazine described him as the only one leader who could provide solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable for India on the eve of the withdrawal of British from the Indian sub-continent. These all are tributes to his immense administrative capabilities. He did never supported assaults against private industrial and commercial enterprises. Sardar defended the constitutional inclusion of Article 283-A, which gave a guarantee to the terms and privileges granted to the offices of the Indian Civil Services (ICS), opting for service in independent India. This was very important and imperative for the existence of ICS in India. This achievement earned him the famous title of “Patron Saint” of India's civil

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