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Britain in the Middle East were paramount and thought that relinquishing Iraq to an indigenous administration would undermine these interests. In the following telegram, dispatched on December 10th 1918, as a reaction to the Anglo-French Declaration, he underlines the importance of Iraq in the British Middle Eastern policy: My view is that the strategical centres of the Middle East lie in Baghdad and the Caucasus, in both of which the Muhammadan population greatly predominates. … By occupying Mesopotamia during the war we drove a wedge into Muhammadan World, thereby preventing the possibility of a combination of Muhammadans against us in the Middle East. I submit that it should be our policy under peace condition to keep Mesopotamia as a wedge…show more content…
He also sought to treat Mesopotamia independently from the rest of the Arabs. In his opinion the Arabs of Mesopotamia would reject any involvement of foreign Arabs in their state of affairs, be the Arabs of Syria or of Hijaz. National unity for them, Wilson believed, was “unity of Mesopotamia, and not unity with either Syria or Hijaz. So, too, they resent the importation of social or administrative institutions or methods that savor of India.” He considered, thus, that the Arab of Iraq had realized that it was in their interests and would cultivate their national unity if they were governed by the British because: The average Arab, as opposed to the handful of amateur politicians of Baghdad, sees the future as one of the faire dealing and material and moral progress under the aegis of Great Britain, and is clear-sighted enough to realize that he would lose rather than gain national unity if we were to relinquish effective control. He concluded in compliance with Cox wishes “I submit, therefore, that our best course is to declare Mesopotamia to be a British

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